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Gift Giving Is A Love Language We Can All Speak

Long before Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter became commercialised holidays, gift giving has been a part of the human experience.

From ancient times and throughout various cultures, humans have presented gifts as a sign of affection.

But there’s much more to gift giving than meets the eye. Science tells us that giving gifts benefits the giver as much as – or even more than – the receiver. Whether you are trying to brighten someone’s day, win someone’s heart, or build a connection, the act of gift giving is as ingrained in our culture as a warm smile or a friendly wave. Today, let’s look at how it all began, and why it’s one of the five main languages of love.

Gifting In The Animal Kingdom 

Although we don’t see apes shopping for jewellery at the mall or birds swinging by the sweet shop (now wouldn’t that be something!), gift giving is not the exclusive domain of humans. Many other species collect and present gifts. 

Our closest relatives, chimpanzees, have been known to offer gifts of food to a potential mate to draw their affections. But it’s not all about finding a mate. Bonobo chimpanzees often present food gifts to individuals from other groups in an attempt to forge a friendship. Much like human males court females with gemstones, penguin males present pebbles to their girlfriends. These pebbles are then used to build nests. The list goes on, with marine mammals, insects, apes, and a wide variety of other species featuring gift giving as part of their social repertoire. 

While animals are limited to picking up items in the natural world, luckily, we humans have a few more beautifully styled options handcrafted right here in New Zealand. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or just want to make someone feel loved and appreciated, a boutique gift box is a luxurious treat. Which is why we have introduced a new gorgeous gift box collection.


The History Of Gift Giving

By taking a glimpse into the gift giving habits of animals, it’s safe to assume that the early humans had the same evolutionary-based motives for presenting offerings to one another: namely, attracting a mate and strengthening social bonds. Studies of ancient history tell us that giving presents is one of the oldest human activities, pre-dating civilisation and going right back to the origin of our species. Cavemen and women gave each other animal fangs, attractive rocks, or other natural items. As tool use developed, the gifts became a tad fancier, evolving into decorative necklaces and other trinkets.

We are sure they were pretty happy with their sabre-tooth tiger necklaces, but we are even more confident that these ancient humans would have been over the moon to be gifted with this beautiful Anoint Eye Pillow Gift Set to help them get a good night’s sleep after a day of hunting and gathering!

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Presents Throughout Different Cultures

No matter what corner of the world you explore, you will find evidence of gift giving. Right from celebrations and special occasions to acts of kindness or reverence.

Here are just a few examples:

● Native American cultures have observed momentous occasions such as births, deaths and marriages by giving gifts.

● Ancient Greek philosophy dictates that non-material gifts of kindness such as food and shelter were just as valuable as trinkets.

● Gifts were directed to the pharaohs in Egypt, who stored their wealth within epic pyramids to carry with them into the afterlife.

● In Roman times, good luck charms were commonly gifted – a practice that lasted centuries and persists in Western culture today.

● In the medieval age, it was common for gifts to come with an ulterior motive. If you wanted to be on good terms with the upper class, a lavish gift was a great way to show your allegiance to your king (thankfully our gift giving motives are purer these days!).

It’s easy to imagine the ancient Romans or Greeks soaking in a luxurious milk bath. If you are looking to spoil someone in your life like royalty, this nourishing Anoint Bottle Box Gift set will pamper them like the kings and queens of old with nourishing coconut bath milk and therapeutic pink bath salts to match.

Gift Giving As A Love Language

The reasons we choose to give gifts may range from self-serving to self-sacrificing. But underneath it all, is the universal language of love. Gifts allow us to express our affection, build connections, and care for one another without uttering a single word. Some of us feel loved when we spend quality time with people or perform acts of service. Others express it with physical touch or words. For many, love is shown through the giving and receiving of gifts.
While this may sound like a rather materialistic love language, in truth, it’s not about the price tag of a gift. It’s about the thought and care that goes into selecting the item. The right present explicitly selected for that individual can help someone feel understood and cared for. It shows the recipient that they were on your mind and in your thoughts, and that you genuinely care about making them happy.

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The Power Of Giving A Gift

It can sometimes be challenging to remember the pure, heartfelt reasons behind gift giving but behind all the gloss, glamour and commercialism lies the authentic desire to connect, to make someone smile, to add a little extra sunshine into someone’s day.

An Anoint Gift set is the perfect way to treat someone special, no matter what the reason – or for no reason at all. Our gift boxes are handcrafted and feature luxurious, hand-picked complementary products from other New Zealand creators. From our hands straight to your loved ones hearts. 

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